Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big T's News and Views From Around the Web

Here are two charter schools doing wonders with some of the poorest students from one of the worst school systems in LA County.

Taxpayers for Common Sense have a list of the top 20 biggest pork spenders in Congress. They love the bacon in Alaska…

53 percent of Americans now believe America is headed for another great depression within the next few years. That is depressing… Where is all the hope??? Obama…we need hope! Where is it?

Here comes stimulus bill number two! Queen Pelosi says we may need a second stimulus bill.

According to Forbes Magazine there has never been a period in U.S. history where tax rates and the size of government both increased, and the real GDP growth accelerated as sharply as the Obama team forecasts…

Democrats have introduced the card check bill and are working on passing it ASAP.
But what will happen immediately after the card check bill? Analysts say time to get rid of your Wal-Mart stock…got rid of mine when I dumped my whole portfolio last week.

Bernard Madoff will plead guilty to 11 criminal counts and faces life in prison for his investment ponzi scheme… Ponzi schemes like Social Security are OK when the government runs it.

A West Virginia woman has had brain surgery to try and lose weight. Now that is what I call a fat head!

A driver of an SUV in Dillsburg, Pa., fell asleep at a red light with his foot on the brake and a beer in the cup holder. He slept through six green lights before the cops showed up to give him a DUI.

I’m not a fan of the show, but I guess to vote you dial 1-866-idols-01 through 12 depending on the contestant you are voting for… Guess what happens if you dial 1-866-idols-13??? “Hey there sexy guy…”

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