Monday, November 24, 2008

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Random After Election Thought

Well, it is all over…It wasn’t that surprising was it? Barack Obama defeated John McCain. Here is a list of a few folks Obama and supporters can thank for their victory.

Thanks to the Republican Party. This Bud’s for you! After the Republicans came up with “The Contract with America that led to the voter revolution of 1994 regaining power and control for the Republican Party, they then abandoned their conservative principles. In the twelve years republicans controlled congress, they promised less government. Instead they more than doubled the size of the government.

We were promised control over runaway spending, but spending also doubled. We were promised fiscal responsibility; instead we got a bridge to nowhere in Alaska. We were promised the elimination of the Department of Education, because under this federal agency educational achievement had been on a steady decline. Since then the Republicans doubled funding for the Department of Education. The GOP became the party of borrow and spend liberals.

Once President Bush was elected, the party became drunk on power and forgot what they stood for. They gave the electorate no solid reason to continue voting for them. Even the fear of a filibuster-proof Marxist senate was not enough to motivate the base.

Thanks to President George Bush. Thanks for the amazing lack of principled conservative leadership over the last eight years on domestic, spending and big government issues. When a president signs a bill he believes to be unconstitutional (McCain-Feingold) because he thinks the Supreme Court will vote it down, that is not conservative leadership.

When you become the leader of the party that promised to give education back to the state and local levels and eliminate the Department of Education, but then federalize education through no child left behind leaving local school boards and officials with little to do but implement decisions made at the federal level, that is not conservative leadership.

The failure to veto even one pork-laden spending bill, that is not conservative leadership.

I could go on, the size of government and government spending grew faster under the Bush administration than any other one in history, and that is after you subtract the cost of the war! This failed conservative leadership resulted in an uninspired electorate….and an elected Barack Obama.

Thanks to Government education for the voting dumb masses. Never in my lifetime can I remember an election that illustrated the supreme ignorance of the American voter. And no, ignorant is not an insult; it simply means unknowing, look it up. For an example, it would be perfectly safe to say I am ignorant in quantum mechanics, but back to the voters.

The majority of Americans casting ballots probably couldn’t name their US Senators or Congressman if their life depended on it. They probably couldn’t tell you how many Senators each state has, or how many Congressman their state has.

They have no intellectual capacity of what is in the constitution or the Bill of Rights, what freedom really is, or what the actual function of government is. They have no understanding of our current tax system, or the difference between capital gains taxes and income taxes. How about the difference between profit and profit margins, or the principles of supply and demand?

I have taken harsh criticism for comments made about voter ignorance in the past, but note that I do not blame the voters for their ignorance. No, I blame the government ran education system.

It is an absolute tragedy people are not taught these things in school…Instead we must teach about social injustices, tolerance and acceptance. The government ran education system has turned into an indoctrination center rather than an education center.

Things are only going to get worse, before they get better. Now that the Democrats are in control of everything, prepare for an all-out war on the idea of school choice and vouchers…Oh and let’s not forget the home schooling option…that is definitely not going to be allowed. No…your child must be educated by the government, for the government and the common good.

As long as it is left to government, the education problem will never be solved, regardless of which party is in power.

Where Does the Republican Party Go From Here?

One thing is clear after this election, and it is something I have been saying for years, but the Republican Party has failed on so many levels. Perhaps now they will realize it.

This was the party that was supposed to reflect conservative values and principles of limited government and less spending, but instead they provided the exact opposite, as they got drunker than college kids at a keg party on political power. Ronald Reagan would be highly embarrassed.

In this election, Republicans failed to communicate a message the American people could understand. It took a simple man from Ohio, Joe the Plumber, in the last days of the election to find the message the party could not find on their own. This is simply amazing to me. The McCain campaign and the republicans should have already been pounding away for months at Obama’s socialist plans. The bottom line is the party failed to rally the base that reflected its core values, but then maybe they have had such a problem with this because those core values no longer exist for the Republicans in power. One doesn’t have to look any farther than the last eight years to realize that.

Conservatives have lost control of their party, or rather where pushed out of the party by moderate elite Rockefeller Republicans who believed the party needed to move to the middle to win elections. These elitist in the party lost touch with the base of the party and reality. They hired political consultants who only cared about winning elections and driving the party forward to retain power, not the platform or ideals of the party. They listened to Washington insiders who told them they didn’t need the base to win. All they need to do is appeal to moderates, appeal to these groups. It has been a recipe for disaster!

Some of these same people tell us the political spectrum in America has significantly moved to the left since 2004 and, John McCain lost because he moved to far to the right in order to appeal to the base, but that is not what the exit polls say.

According to exit polls 21 percent of voters claimed to be liberal in 2004 compared to 22 percent in 2008. On the other side of the spectrum 34 percent of voters claimed to be conservative in both 2004 and 2008. If there were a huge leftward shift, shouldn’t there be a high increase in the numbers of people who view themselves as liberals and a decrease in the number of conservatives?

Also, McCain only received 78 percent of the conservative vote and 89 percent of the Republican vote. If McCain moved to the right to appeal to the base, shouldn’t he have done better with them? After all, Barack Obama got 88 percent of the liberal vote.

McCain never shifted to the right, but even if he had it probably would not have mattered to the base. They already knew he was not a conservative, but rather the candidate to reach across the aisle and compromise conservative values, a moderate...or as he tried to sell it, a maverick.

The truth is there was never any real energy from the base until Sarah Palin was introduced to the ticket, but she wasn’t the front of the ticket. Republicans win when they are conservative not moderate.

If the Republican Party doesn’t learn from this, they deserve to remain out of power. They have no one to blame but themselves for the Democratic majority in Congress and the rise of Barack Obama.

It is now up to real conservatives to step forward, take charge and move the Republican Party back to the basic principles of individualism, freedom, economic liberty, self-sufficiency and pride of country, but more importantly, they must believe it, market it and live up to it. It is time the party found the next Reagan.

What is Wrong With This Statement?

Let’s see if anyone can tell me what is wrong with this statement from the co-chair of Barack Obama’s Transition Team.

“—given, really, the daunting challenges that we face, it’s important that President-elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one. So we will be working closely with his [Bush] administration. We’re reviewing the agencies now. He [Obama] will be making key personnel decisions. He gets national security briefings every day now as well, but he will not be the president until January 20th.”

I will leave this here for a couple days and see if anyone can figure out what is wrong with this statement. Here is a clue. It deals with the mindset of the incoming administration.

Indoctrinating the Students in North Carolina.

How many times have I said government ran education is nothing short of indoctrination? Well, here we have a video of a government teacher from an elementary school in Fayetteville, NC leading a group discussion and asking students whom they are supporting for president? Ms. Harris replies to students supporting John McCain with “Oh Lord, John McCain” or Oh Jesus, John McCain” telling a student the Iraq war is senseless and her dad might have to stay in the military for another 100 years if John McCain wins. (Fayetteville houses Ft Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne Division and is the most populated installation in the military.)

The teacher in the video is a woman by the name of Diantha Harris. She has been employed by your tax dollars for twenty-five years. I wonder how long she has been doing this in her classroom before she was caught on tape by a Swedish filmmaker making a documentary on U.S. politics.

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