Monday, February 11, 2008

The Big T pic of the day

This is the best the Republican Party has to offer???
Where did all the conservative republicans go? What does it mean to be a republican? Where did the party of my youth go??? I am now convinced the party has left me... I say left me cause I haven't changed. I still hold my conservative ideas, the republican party does not.

Queen Clinton will garnish wages of those who refuse to enroll in healthcare plan.

Did you all see the soon to be crowned queen on This Week with George Stephanopoulus? Stephanopoulus had to ask her three times before getting a straight answer about what her plan was for people who don’t or won’t follow the socialized healthcare mandate.

Stephanopoulis: Will you have fines for people who don’t have health care, who don’t go by the mandate? Will you garnish their wages?

Clinton tries to dodge the question.

Stephanopoulis: Let me interrupt you there... I still haven’t heard if people can afford it and they don’t buy the insurance will their wages be garnished? Will they have to pay fines?

Another Clinton dodge….

Stephanopoulis: I want to bear down on this question one more time… Will you garnish wages of people who don’t comply, don’t buy the insurance?

Finally she answers: George, we will have an enforcement mechanism. Whether it’s that (garnishing wages from those who don’t comply) or some other mechanism through the tax system or automatic enrollments.

So according to the soon to be queen one of these three things is what will happen to you if you choose to take care of your own healthcare, rather than rely on the government to provide it for you.

1. Garnished wages: The government will take you to court and the court will then order you to pay or take property from you in order to satisfy your debt to the government.

2. Using the Tax System as enforcement: You know the FairTax would eliminate this option. Wouldn’t it be awesome to remove that power from Hillary and politicians? Wouldn’t it be great if the government no longer had the IRS and our current tax system to manipulate for their agenda? Just imagine the power you, the people, would have.

3. Automatic Enrollments: This option is the worst because it gives you no choice on whether you want government healthcare or not. It would be mandated. You have no freedom of choice or individual responsibility.

Isn't Queen Hillary going to be great! I can hardly wait.

A movement to eliminate the Electoral College

If John Koza, chairman of the National Popular Vote Inc., gets his way, the Electoral College will no longer matter, and the presidency will go to the winner of the popular vote.

Koza is behind a movement to get states to work together and forge an agreement to award their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the nation-wide popular vote making the Electoral College obsolete. The agreement would take effect once it has been approved by enough states to make a majority of the Electoral College votes, or 270 votes. So far, Maryland and New Jersey are on board and there is legislation on the governor’s desk in Illinois .

Well, isn’t this a clever scheme to totally negate the constitution, but then again why let something as silly as the constitution stand in the way. Perhaps Koza is like millions of other people in this country that has never read the constitution and has no idea that Article I, section 10 of the constitution actually forbids such behavior from the states.

Article I, section 10 reads no state can enter into any agreement or alliance with another state without the consent of Congress.

If Mr. Koza and friends would do a little research and study some history they would understand the purpose of the Electoral College. The fact that these people do not know why the Electoral College exists and why it should continue to exist is just another example of the failure of our educational system.

government regulation on eating

Someone has actually came up with and proposed a bill in the state of Mississippi legislator that would make it illegal for restaurants to serve obese patrons with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30.

The bill does not say what the penalties will be if the restaurant is caught serving a person with an excessive body mass index.

You know a lot of you were glad when the government went after smokers, and started regulating when and where smokers could smoke. I predicted to you that if the government were allowed to regulate that freedom, they would try to regulate others, now there going after fat people. Who is next??? Put any unhealthy act here, or maybe they should regulate the number of children you can have in the name of global warming. Less people less resources used.

Prepare to see more legislation like this as we get closer to nationalized healthcare.

How about some outrage from Muslims here...

Two sisters in Iran will be stoned to death after being found guilty of adultery. They were caught on video in the company of other men while their husband was away.

The sisters admitted to being in the video, but argued no adultery took place because they did not engage in sexual acts with the other men.

I guess in the peaceful, tolerant religion of Islam this is a crime worthy of the death penalty.

In Iraq al Qaeda has sunk to a new low using mentally retarded woman to carry out suicide bombing missions.

Let’s see if any Muslim organizations in the U.S. express any outrage over this. I won’t be holding my breath.

Here is some outraged Muslims, what about? Valentines day.

A couple of Muslim MPs in Kuwait have demanded the government to ban Valentines day. They say the holiday is alien to their society and contradicts Muslim religious values and teachings. It spreads “immorality” among the youth in Kuwait. The MPs say they will take action against authorities if they do not ban Valentine’s day celebrations.

Isn’t it nice to know there is Muslims expressing outrage against Valentines day.

Big T's suggested reading and viewing from around the web.

Perhaps House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) would like to rethink her comments calling the troop surge and Iraq a failure the same day seized letters written by al Qaeda leaders in Iraq are released claiming al Qaeda is in “total collapse” and “extraordinary crisis.”
Obama wins Nebraska, Washington, Louisiana and Maine and takes delegate lead in weekend sweep…hell he even won a Grammy award for his book. Obamalievable continues.
Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager resigns. Uh…they lost 4 states and the delegate lead…I think it is safe to say she was fired.
President Bush calls John McCain a “true conservative.” John McCain may be many things, but a “true conservative” is not one of them…then again neither is Bush.
Illegal immigrants are fleeing Arizona and Oklahoma in search of jobs in Texas. Amazing what enforcement of our laws can do.
Nobel prize winner Doris Lessing says that Obama would be assassinated if he becomes president. So that's why people should support Hillary??? Wow…I know I have said and wrote some real stupid and insensitive things, but…what a stupid thing to say..
Out of all of the presidential candidates, Bill Clinton got the third most coverage from the media ... what? He isn't even running. Guess who got the top two spots? Here is a clue they are not Republicans. Media bias??? Surely not.
Here is a list of everything you ever wanted to know about the Clinton’s shadiest campaign donors. This is quite a list, not even Tony Soprano would owe this many favors at the end of the day.
A pregnant woman’s life was saved in Great Britain when the kicking of her twin babies in her stomach managed to dislodge a tumor and saved her life. She had cervical cancer, which went undiagnosed by the government health system.
The courts have decided that you have to be polite to blind people under the Americans with Disabilities Act. So I guess shouting "Hey, you! Watch where the hell you're going!" is not appropriate.