Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Big T Pic of the Day


New Children’s Worship Book about Barack Obama

Isn’t this just grand! A Barack Obama supporter and children’s book author Garen Thomas has wrote a children’s book about Obama. The book entitled Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama is targeted at the 9-12 year old crowd, because it is never to early to teach our kids about the “great one.”

Meghan Cox Gurdon reviewed the book for the Wall Street Journal. She called the book more of a hagiography than a biography. A hagio-what? I wasn’t sure what it meant either so I looked it up. The definition of hagiography would be “the writing and critical study of the lives of the saints.” Well, that makes sense, after all we are talking about the “messiah our lord” Barack Obama.

In her review, Gurdon lays out some shocking revelations of what you will find in the book. For instance, Author Thomas writes: “There has emerged a new leader who seems to be granting Americans a renewed license to dream.” Isn’t that awesome kids! Why thanks to Obama you are now free…free at last to dream again! Apparently, your license to dream had been revoked or suspended…who knew?

Thomas also proclaims in her book of worship that Obama “reminded Americans that what was keeping everyone down was the fact that workers were losing their jobs to people in other countries, because American businesses wanted to pay less for labor. In addition, people running businesses were in the habit of paying themselves a lot, while leaving ordinary Americans behind, scraping to get by.” Later in the children’s book she writes, “All Americans were struggling and worried about their financial futures.”

Now that is some indoctrinating stuff don’t you think? A classic example of wealth envy…it is never to early to teach the children that it is the “big bad evil rich American businessman” keeping everyone else down, because they want to pay themselves a lot and leave ordinary Americans scraping to get by. This is nothing less than an anti-capitalist drive by on your children written by an Obama worshiper.

Has anyone come to think that it is the so-called “big bad evil rich American businessman” providing jobs for the so-called “ordinary Americans.” How many jobs has the government taxed out of America and forced the businessman to send overseas because it is no longer cost effective to hire the American worker?

How many of you ever got a job from a poor man? Anyone?

Anyways, now that I think about it, this is a great idea to write a children’s book about Obama. Now the majority of his worshipers and cult followers have a book they can actually read and understand.

No Room for Your Flat Screen in a Green World.

Oh my…looks like all you global warming freaks out there are going to have to give up your flat screen TVs. It turns out your flat screen TV is contributing to global warming because of a greenhouse gas used in its production. The green house gas called nitrogen trifluoride is said to be 17,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide and stays in the atmosphere for 550 years.

Oh and this green house gas is not restricted or limited by the Kyoto protocol or other similar agreements. I am sure it will not take long for government to put restrictions on this new pollutant. Which will mean one of two things for flat screen TVs. They will either stop making them or they will cost so much most people will not be able to afford them.

Big T's Suggested Reading and Viewing from around the Web

Beachwood, Ohio has cancelled a youth all star baseball game, because they didn’t want to elevate any kids above other kids. It bruises the other kid’s egos… Yep, achievement is bad, working hard to improve yourself and to become better than your peers that is mean spirited. The wussification of America continues.
Here is an interesting read. The bio-fuel production has put more than 30 million people into poverty.
This may be the first time I have ever agreed with Jay Bookman on anything. He says nationalizing the oil industry would not be good for America. Bookman is a liberal columnist for the AJC that I read frequently by the way.
People in North Dakota are becoming rich, because they are finding oil in their backyards. I will make sure to alert Barack Obama so he can tax them and give it to the less fortunate.
Some folks are upset the government is garnishing money out of their stimulus checks to pay outstanding debts.
The royal family in the UK is really concerned about their carbon footprint. So Prince Charles has a car that runs on wine.
Barack Obama has won the endorsement of the National Education Association. I know…I was shocked too. OK maybe not.