Thursday, January 01, 2009

Big T's Pic of the Day

Bambi II
now out on DVD...definately looks better
than the first one!

Happy New Year

Well, I have survived another year and another New Years Eve bash. I am in recovery mode today, but here is some reading for you…Happy New Year!

Strange Christmas Play Station 3 Offer...

This came in my e-mail yesterday. Apparently this was a Christmas posting for a Play Station 3 on Craigslist. I am not sure if it was real or not, but wouldn’t be all that surprised I guess if it were real. Here is the posting:

PlayStation 3 (the city)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-12-07, 10:54AM EST

I have a Brand new in-box PlayStation 3 gaming system that you can obtain for a special price. It is the 80gb model and includes 2 brand new dualshock 3 wireless controllers.

I do not want your money or thanks. To obtain this top of line gaming system, you must let me punch you in the face three times and your child must be present. If you have multiple children, I would prefer you bring your youngest child.

This is not a joke. If you want to be your children's hero on Christmas, we will meet at a location that I will specify to you, and I will proceed to punch you in the face in front of your child. You may brace yourself if you want before I begin to punch you, for I am a man of large stature (6'6, 275lbs) In between each punch, I want you to instruct your child not cry. If your child so much as whimpers, the deal is off.

Don't think I am a man to be trifled with or that you and a friend can ambush me. I am a former NAVY SEAL and a veteran of the Irag War.

This is the best deal you will ever find on a PlayStation 3. A truly unique offer. You are welcome to inspect the product for authenticity before the deal is done.

Email me for more specific details and we can arrange a rendevous.

Merry Christmas.

I do not believe this guy to be a NAVY SEAL; the Internet is filled with fake 6’6”, 275-pound former Seals. My guess is this guy is either 5’8” or a 6’6” tub of waste living in his mom’s basement playing “Call of Duty 4” which is the closest thing he will ever see to becoming a Seal or a veteran of the Iraq war.

My response to his add: I am not an inch over 6’ and weigh about 180-pounds. I am an Army paratrooper and former member of the 82nd Airborne Division and a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I would like to meet you to discuss and deal with your attempt to give Seals and Iraq war veterans a bad name. You won’t hit me, unless your lucky, I don’t have a son and I will be giving your Play Station 3 to some unfortunate kids who lost their father in Iraq.

Merry Christmas A*! Hole…and a Happy New Year

News and Views from Around the Web

More like entertainment and useless knowledge from around the web. Hey you didn’t expect anything serious this week did you?

This was strangely interesting and disturbing…Dan Akroyd has webbed toes! Gotta love You Tube.

Age catches up with all of us, even the Hollywood stars. Some of them have not aged so gracefully.

Here is a great photo list of the 50 hottest Victoria's Secret models of all time. Probably not safe for the office, if anyone is actually there besides you today, or home, if your wife is there. There is no nude shots, but use your discretion.

Here is something to look at during these rough economical times, 65 famous people who lost it all and went bankrupt.

Try an all-new and refreshing Tentacle Grape soda. Available now…watch out you gonna get graped!

Are you unhappy with your Christmas presents? Check out what Dave got for Christmas, that last gift is pretty nice though.