Friday, October 17, 2008

Big T's Pic of the Day

I have thought about it and just can't come up with a
caption for this one...anyone want to take a shot?

And the Winner is…Joe the Plumber!

Let me start off by saying hats off to moderator Bob Schieffer. He did a hell of a job Wednesday night. He actually let the candidates talk and when they asked for extra time he gave it to them…I was wrong about it being a joint press conference. It was a debate and by far the best one out of the three. Watch it here if you missed it…or read the transcript here.

I am not sure which debate the media was watching, but I thought John McCain kicked Barack Obama’s tail. Then again, if you were already drinking the Obama kool-aid; I am sure you think Obama won the debate. Let me put it this way, Obama probably didn’t lose any supporters. Me…I just filled out my absentee ballot and I didn’t cast a vote for either of these idiots. I have no dog in this race, and I reserve the right to complain about either candidate that wins the White House. Libertarian Bob Barr got my vote. Sorry John, but you just didn’t motivate me to vote for you. Besides, it is not like the Socialist Republic of Illinois was ever going to go for McCain.

It was by far McCain’s best performance, but was it enough? Did he save his campaign??? Or was it too little to late? Personally I think it may have been too little too late. It really depends on how many watched it. Although, I will admit, I think his chances of winning are a little better now.

My favorite moment came when John McCain looked at Obama and said, “I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago…best line of the night…where has that been the last couple of months.

If I was McCain I would have also mentioned that he (McCain) ran against Bush eight years ago in an ugly campaign for the Republican nomination.

McCain finally brought up Bill Ayers and ACORN. Two issues that should have been brought up months ago! Yes, they are important and relevant. They are not negative attacks. Sorry, I don’t call the truth to be negative attacks.

The real winner of the debate was “Joe the plumber.” Joe Wurzelbacher is the plumber from Ohio and a possible future small business owner that Obama told he isn’t raising taxes to punish success, but to spread the wealth.

"Joe the plumber" could not have gotten that much advertisement on Super Bowl Sunday! The candidates referred to him 25 times last night making him the most famous plumber in America!

McCain tells Letterman: “We can get Bin Ladin”

John McCain returns to the Late Show with David Letterman last night for the first time since he short noticed cancelled on the comic to return to DC in the wake of the economic crisis…Is it just me or did Letterman still seem a little bitter about the cancellation?

Anyways, the interview turned from comedy to serious at about the 6:45 mark on the video. McCain told Letterman he knows how to get Osama Bin Ladin.

He said we need more human intelligence and not rely on intelligence solely from satellites. It is true, we have the best technology and satellite capabilities to gather intelligence, but we lack the human intelligence of being able to infiltrate these groups and villages and learn the cultures and gather information.

In other words we need more spies…it is just one more thing that John McCain is absolutely right on folks.

Big T's News and Views From Around the Web

US Troops have killed the number two-man for al-Qaeda in Iraq. Iraq??? I didn’t think al-Qaeda was in Iraq???

Sex offenders in Maryland will be required to post a note on their door with a picture of a pumpkin that reads “No candy at this residence.” If they are such a danger why are they out of prison in the first place?

It is safe to say this burglar will never rob a house again. He was shot DRT by the owner of the house he was trying to steal a plasma TV from. I love these stories.

Government officials in Pennsylvania have decided to require utility companies to stop power usage from rising and cut power usage starting in 2011. Now how do you suppose they will do that? Is higher prices an option or is that price gouging? Isn’t government great!

Those idiots on “The View” called “Joe the Plumber’s” goal of owning his own business a “fantasy.” Well, it isn’t a fantasy yet, but will be after Obama-Biden brings socialism.

Joe Biden has a three-letter word for you… J-O-B-S…good thing he isn’t a Republican…CNN would be playing it every hour. Anyone remember P-O-T-A-T-O-E from Dan Quayle? Potato is spelled wrong for all you government educated kids.