Friday, November 28, 2008

Big T's Pic of the Day

Here is Some of that “Change” We Can Now Look Forward Too:

Now that Barack Obama has won the White House and the democrats have control of Congress and the Senate, here are a few things we can expect… I hope you are all ready for this change you have all voted for.

Say goodbye to the secret ballot union elections in the workplace. The unions have been lobbying to get rid of secret ballots for a while now. Why? Well, they don’t like secret ballots. They want to know how workers are voting, so they can target those not voting for a union. First target on the list, Wal-mart, the largest employer in the U.S., and we all know how well the second employer in the U.S., General Motors, is doing with their union workers.

A return to the Fairness Doctrine…The left can not wait to get rid of conservative talk radio! So what about the first amendment.

A tax code of wealth distribution; taking away from the wealthy, business, entrepreneurs, and achievers and giving to the poor. In other words, socialism….

While we are on taxes…huge tax hikes on guns and ammunition. They won’t ban them; they will just tax them until they are unaffordable.

Say goodbye to your privatized 401 K plan. It is about to be replaced by something called a GRA (Guaranteed Retirement Account) ran by the government. Yeah, cause social security worked so well. More on this in the next couple of days.

More federal government in government schools…don’t get me started on this one.

Universal healthcare…it may be here a lot sooner than you think folks, like the first 100 days! Very scary stuff.

Executive order on domestic and off shore drilling rescinded, no drilling or nuclear power plants. High Gas prices are coming back…

The appointment of liberal Supreme Court justices who favor the idea of “fairness” over the constitution.

One thing about it, the Democrats are in charge. The problems now belong to them. They cannot blame their failures on Republicans anymore, all though they will try.

Would I Pay Extra to Fly Baby Free? You betchya I would!

I would be willing to pay a hundred dollars extra to sit in an area of an airplane guaranteed to be minus the crying, screaming, kicking the seat snot nosed brats for a long flight…hell, now that I think about it, I would pay that much for a 45 minute jump.

There was speculation that the airline WestJet, based out of Canada was considering a 10-dollar fee for people who wanted to sit in a section without infants. Why limit it to infants? Some of the 4 and 5 year-old, even 8-year-old kids are just as bad!

The airline says the rumor is false and claims they would never even consider a notion so ridiculous to offer to their customers.

I say they should run with it. It could put their business over the top. I fly often and am willing to bet, others who are frequent fliers would also love to have that option.

While we’re on the subject, I would be willing to pay extra in restaurants as well to get away from the screaming rug rats. They could use all those old smoking sections and put all the little diaper pants in there. This is why I usually sit at the bar; you have to be an adult to get in there.

Then again some of those folks are more obnoxious than the kids.

Madame Secretary of State

No I am not talking about Condi Rice, but rather her highly probable replacement, Hillary Clinton. Hey, I am not going to rant and rave about this one. Obama could have went with John Kerry, which would have been a lot worse than Madame Secretary of State Clinton.

A Big T administration would have appointed John Bolton, but then I probably couldn’t even get elected as dogcatcher, let alone president. So whom I would have appointed doesn’t amount to a pile of pinto beans.

By the way, you do know who John Bolton is don’t you?

Big T’s News and Views From Around the Web

So where do you go after being a top executive that helped bring the 5th largest securities and holdings bank in America to financial ruin? The Federal Reserve Bank of course! Aren’t you glad they got 700 billion of your tax money to play with?

Here is a site where the people can voice their priorities for the new administration. Hey look the FairTax is number 2 on the list!

Illinois State Police will now have to call for permission before they can drive 20 over the speed limit.

Obama is sending his kids to private schools….gee there is a surprise! Public schools are for your kids, not his.

Time Magazine admits extreme pro-Obama media bias during campaign, and says it was “the most disgusting failure in our business since the Iraq war.” Gee…you think?

Here is a growing alliance that means trouble for president-elect Barack Obama. Cuban president Raul Castro will visit Moscow next year.

The GOP is going to file federal lawsuit to repeal McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform and regulations. Yeah, It should have been vetoed from the get go.

Even the US postal service is feeling the economical crunch.

Gas prices are falling and people are buying SUV’s again…amazing how that works!

A government schoolteacher says she was fired for wearing a bikini during a second job, or was it because she missed to many days of work?

Here is an example of conservatism in exile. I thought liberal democrats were supposed to be the party of tolerance and inclusion? Guess not…but I already knew that.

These kids are more than likely getting their first lesson in government. They may lose their tree house that their dad built because it doesn’t follow the building code! Isn’t government regulations awesome…