Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Big T Pic of the Day

Something tells me we are at the wrong end of the rainbow!

He stole from the rich, to give to the poor.

No, I am not talking about Robin Hood. I am talking about Barack Obama and his tax policies. His tax policies will do just that, steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Now here is something you won’t find in the mainstream media. First off, they don’t want you to know and secondly, tax discussion just doesn’t bring in the ratings. The Tax Foundation has run some hard numbers on Barack Obama’s tax plan. Scott Hodge, president of the Tax Foundation, explains Obama’s tax plan for 2009 calls for the redistribution of more than 131 billion dollars from the top one percent of taxpayers. That will mean the top one percent of households would pay more in federal taxes of all kinds than the bottom 80 percent of households. This doesn’t even take into account the Obama plan to raise payroll taxes on those evil rich folks making over 250,000 bucks a year.

Anyways, Hodge estimates under the Obama plan 1.13 million Americans will pay more in federal taxes than 128 million other Americans combined. In other words, Obama’s plan increases the tax burden on top earners by an additional $40 billion a year. This 40 billion-tax hike is twice as much as all the federal taxes that are paid by the bottom percentile of taxpayers.

What we have here is income redistribution. He is stealing from the rich to give to the poor, a real modern day Robin Hood. I doubt Obama sees it that way though, after all he believes that income isn’t earned in the first place; it is acquired on the basis of luck and good fortune.

Here is just a thought… Is there anyone out there that thinks our economy can take a 40 billion dollar hit right now? What happens when the top gets nailed for 40 billion in more taxes? Do they not pass the expense on to the consumer? Perhaps you work for someone about to get hit with this new expense. Is your job going to pay for it, or will it be cut to make up for the difference. It is just a thought some of you may want to consider?

Ugh…you can always count on government to slow down progress.

In case you have not realized it yet, we are in the midst of a major energy crisis in this country. Now, some of you believe the solution to this crisis will come from the oh so wonderful government. You are wrong. The solution, as almost always, will come from the private sector. All the government has to do is get out of the way.

However, that is not happening. Solar thermal energy companies are getting a lesson in government regulations. These companies have proposed to build more than 130 solar power plants over 119 million surface acres of federally administered land in sun drenched, flat desert tracts of Arizona, Nevada and Southern California that is ideal for solar energy. These companies extract energy from the sun and then sell that energy to utility companies. It is estimated the projects have the potential to power 20 million homes, but the government has put a halt on new solar projects on public lands in order to study their environmental impact, which is estimated to take two years.

Solar energy is a fairly new industry, and most of these companies are new, struggling, hungry companies. It will be hard for them to stay afloat with a set back like this. This could stunt the growth of the energy.

This is your government at work solving the energy crisis. You can always count on government to slow down progress.

I want you to remember this story this winter when your power bills are through the roof.

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