Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big T's Pic of the Day

All five look like empty suits to me!

DNC Coverage Night 3

History Made

No matter what you think about Barack Obama as a candidate, he will forever be engraved into history as the first black politician ever nominated for president by a major political party in the United States. Good for him and good for America. We truly have come along way. Of course, according to Democrats, America still sucks!

Bill Clinton National Security and His Legacy

There was some real nice rhetoric flowing last night. I finally heard the words national security. Amazing it took until day 3 to get there. I guess reminding people how bad off they are is more important.

My favorite moment came when Bill Clinton reminded us all how great he was at commander-in-chief and once again tried to save his legacy.

Our memories seem to contradict as I remember Somalia, where Black Hawk Down happened. Islamic warlords murdered American troops, drug a service member’s body through the streets, and we tucked our tails and ran.

What about the bombing of the USS Cole that went unanswered.

The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center basement that went unanswered.

UN inspectors were kicked out of Iraq twice during the Clinton years.

Some of the largest military cutbacks in history took place during the Clinton Administration. The defense budget was less than 3% of our gross domestic product, the lowest level since America's pre WWII isolation period. The United States Army was reduced from 18 fighting divisions to 10, two of which were not even combat ready. The Navy went from 583 ships to 371 and 74 of those was understaffed. The Air force went from 366 bombers to 208. We had more combat experienced officers resigned under the Clinton Administration than any other time in History. The Clinton Administration left our military in far worse shape it should ever be in.

Yeah…that sounds like a great commander-in-chief to me.

Who and What is This Convention About Again?

Lots of rhetoric, no specifics, yeah I know Obama is going to tax the rich and give it to the poor. I got that. You know when you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on the support of Paul.

There are still no specifics here. This is by far the most unknown candidate ever to be nominated and placed on the ballot in this country. Perhaps we will get some specifics tonight from the messiah. I doubt it though.

They’re all from rags to riches!

Has anyone else picked up on this theme? Almost everyone who has given a speech at the DNC was broke down, on their luck and a loser in life, but they were all able to raise him or herself out of the depths of poverty and into prosperity…It’s the American dream, and it is under attack from those evil republican bastards, because they made America suck!

In fact, America has never sucked so badly until that Bush guy came along, and John McCain is Bush’s clone! Same old message, different day…definitely doesn’t sound like change to me. It sounds like the same old bologna sandwich they have been serving for years.

Still No Bounce for Obama…

Day 3 is complete and still no bounce in the polls for Obama. McCain has actually gained ground on Obama during the convention. It is the first time in history the opposition has gained in the polls during a convention.
I did some research and found according to gallop polls dating back to 1964 the average convention bounce for a candidate is six to seven percentage points. Even with the messiah from the temple speech tonight it will probably not happen.

Perhaps He is the Messiah and He is Bringing the Storm!

I mentioned this yesterday. Hurricane Gustav is coming, and its timing could not be worse for John McCain. In fact, New Orleans says they could start evacuations tomorrow afternoon. The same time McCain plans to make his VP announcement.

The storm was projected to hit Sunday night, but now looks like it will hit New Orleans late Monday or early Tuesday morning. It is still a ways out and anything could happen I suppose. I wonder if Democrats will give credit to Barack Obama, the messiah for bringing this storm to rain on the Republicans parade.

College Football is Back!

It is the end of summer; Labor Day weekend is here…this can only mean one thing…college football is back!

There are two games tonight of interest to me, NC State vs. South Carolina and Oregon St. vs. Sanford.

NC State at South Carolina: This is the 56th meeting between the border rivals, but the first since 1999. The Gamecocks are having some concerns in the QB spot, but so is the Wolfpack. The Gamecocks have better defense and is 14-point favorites.

The Big T Pick: South Carolina 27-10

Oregon St at Stanford: This should be one sloppy football game, but it will be close and fun to watch. Oregon St. has an all-new starting front seven on defense, but can Stanford’s week offense take advantage? This is a must win for Sanford because it is not going to get easier from here. Their next four out of five is on the road, but they will fall short. Oregon St is 3-point favorites.

The Big T Pick: Oregon St 17-16

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