Monday, March 31, 2008

The Big T Pic of the Day

Signs, signs everywhere signs!

Is this sign at Geno's Steaks in Philly offensive? I think not.

This is America. When ordering, "Speak English."

Meet the owner of the famous Philly cheesesteak shop Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia Joey Vento. Vento makes the meanest and best Philly cheesesteak sandwich I have ever ate. Seriously, if you have never been to Geno’s and tried one of these; you are definitely missing out. If you get the chance to get to Geno’s make sure you order in English.

Veto doesn’t know how to say or understand Cheesesteak in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese or any other language other than English, and quite frankly he doesn’t care to learn.

Just read the sign displayed at his South Philly shop: This is America. When Ordering, “Speak English.”

“If you can’t tell me what you want, I can’t serve you,” said Vento. “It’s up to you. If you can’t say the word cheese, how can I communicate with you – and why should I have to bend? I got a business to run.”

Vento put up the signs in October 2005 because of his concerns over illegal immigration and the increasing number of people in the area who could not order in English.

Some citizens of Philadelphia didn’t particularly care for Vento’s “Speak English” sign and notified The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, which enforces civil-rights and mediates inter-group disputes.

In February 2007 the commission investigated and found probable cause to open a case against Geno’s for discrimination, alleging the policy discourages customers of certain backgrounds from eating there, and the sign may violate the city’s Fair Practices Ordinance, which bans businesses from discriminating on the basis of nationality or ethnicity.

Vento, whose grandparents struggled to learn English after arriving from Sicily in the 1920’s, said the sign is freedom of speech and has refused to remove the sign. He has been in a legal battle with the commission ever since.

He also claimed the sign is not discriminating and testified he has never turned anyone away because they couldn’t order in English.

Well the battle is now over and Vento can keep his sign up without fines. The commission has ruled 2-1 that the sign does not violate the city’s Fair Practices Ordinance because the sign did not say business will be “refused, withheld, or denied.”

The commission thankfully ruled right, but I have to ask why the hell did they have to get involved in the first place?

This is Vento’s shop. It is private property and a privately ran business. Vento should be allowed to hang any sign with any message he wants. If customers find it offensive they don’t have to eat there.

When the government at any level gets involved with how a successful philly cheesesteak shop is run, it is time to take another look at the governmental laws, and commissions that are being used by bureaucrats to waste tax payer money and harass US citizens. These ridiculous commissions should be de-funded and the bureaucrats made redundant.

Iraq Veterans for Congress: because our military deserves better civilian leadership.

Let’s fill the halls of Congress with representatives and senators who actually understand how the military works and the dynamics of the war on terror, because they have actually been there.

With ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, now entering there fifth and seven years, it has become the longest, most demanding and intense US military engagement of the past century since Vietnam.

More than 25,000 Servicemembers have been wounded, over 4,000 killed, and suspected thousands more with undiagnosed mental health issues, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Traumatic Brain Injury. Additional deployments that never make the news in Djibouti, the Balkans, the Korean Peninsula and elsewhere and several hot spots developing throughout the world which could require immediate military action in places such as Iran, Syria, N. Korea, the Taiwan Strait and even Latin America are putting huge pressures and strain on military resources.

We live in the most volatile time in our history since World War II and the Cold War, and our military continues to be asked to sustain an unprecedented pace of operations across the globe, although they are painfully getting the job done and accomplishing the mission, they do so with an American society and a US Congress that shockingly continues to know or understand very little about the forces responsible for protecting their nation.

With less than 1 in 10 of the American civilian populace and under a quarter of the US Congress never putting on a uniform and serving in any branch of the armed forces, America remains oblivious to the challenges the military faces and how to resolve them.

If we want to be serious about winning the war in Iraq and the War on Terror, then lets get leadership elected to Congress who understands the situation on the ground and will quit making decisions hampering our military.

Lets get behind and support Iraq Veterans for Congress because our military deserves better civilian leadership.

Here is a message from the Iraq Veterans for Congress website and founder Kieran Lalor, United States Marine Corp Veteran.

Since IVC was formed early this year, we have seen broad and enthusiastic support from across America for the strong group of candidates who are part of IVC, and we are grateful that our message is being heard. More importantly, we are pleased that America’s voice is being heard.

Whether Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine, we all shared a common goal in Iraq: victory. As Republican candidates for Congress we share a vision for America's future, her security, and that of future generations. We are unified in our commitment to relieve the Democrats of their command of Congress.

Voters want to restore leadership and honor back to Washington. Who better to accomplish that mission than our generation of warriors?

All veterans whose service to the United States brought them first to Iraq and now to a run for the House as pro-victory Republicans are welcome to become part of Iraq Veterans For Congress.

United we are capable of sending to Congress a squad-size element of Iraq vets to keep us on offense in the War on Terror, counter calls for defeat, and demand America's veterans receive the benefits they have earned.

In short, unification of all Republican Iraq Veterans will be a powerful force multiplier. By joining forces we will generate crucial nationwide grassroots support while sharing ideas and strategies.

IVC is more than a group of Republican candidates who served in Iraq, and we are here for something other than our respective Congressional races. We want to be a voice for thousands of U.S. military veterans, their families, and hardworking patriotic Americans who are tired of seeing veterans mistreated and their mission slandered.

When I brought the members of IVC together, I wanted America to have a reliable, unified voice from twelve candidates who are uniquely positioned to offer a knowledgeable, credible rebuttal to the Democrats, the mainstream media, and the constant message of defeatism and mistreatment of our troops. That’s what we’re doing every day, and we are counting on and appreciate your support.

Together, the members of IVC will a reliable voice for veterans, their families, and their mission, not only in our campaign to re-take Congress for Republicans, but for all Americans who have heard enough from the Democrats and their leadership in Congress.

Here is a list of the candidates.

Will Democrats really desert their party for McCain?

Uh oh…this is bad news for the Democrat Party presidential hopefuls. According to a new Gallup poll a sizeable proportion of Democrats would vote for John McCain next November if he is matched up against the candidate they do not support for the Democratic nomination.

It appears Hillary Clinton supporters are the biggest deserters with more than 25% of them saying they would vote for McCain if Barack Obama is the nominee.

On the flip side, 19% of Obama supporters say they would vote for John McCain if Clinton is the nominee.

This is good news for McCain who still has questionable support from the conservative base of the Republican Party in an election that will probably be close. Perhaps McCain will be the next president…then again; you know what they say about polls. The only one that matters is on Election Day.

Big T's Sugested Reading and Viewing from around the web

HBO ran a mini-series on John Adams based on a book I am currently reading by David McCullough. Suzanne Fields suggests our government children who know little about history be made to watch. Personally, I think they should read the book, but the mini-series is a start. This is a great book by the way.
She bought a website for $8 and turned it into a million-dollar business . Not bad for a 17-year-old. Great story.
Geraldine Ferraro is upset with Barack Obama for comparing her to the pastor of his church Jeremiah Wright. I would probably be upset about that too.
Gov. Arnold fires Clint Eastwood from the California State Park and Recreation Commission. The headline should read: Dirty Harry meets with the Terminator and is Erased…sorry folks I couldn’t resist.
Now Mother Hillary wants to help you make your house payment. She wants a $30 billion housing fund, with 10 billion going toward refinancing “unworkable mortgages.”
When there is financial and economical doom on the horizon the solution is always government, government and more government. Yeah...that should work.
US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is arguing against government intervention to the mortgage crisis. He says their ideas would cause more harm than good…He is right, but try to explain it to the government educated economically illiterate Americans who believe government always has the solution.
The president of the associated press says the US is arresting journalist in Iraq in order to “control information.” Riiight…and 9-11 was an inside job.
Admitted drug user says Moses was high on drugs when he received the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai. Where do they get these people? I wonder what would happen if he made the same statement about Islam’s Mohamad?
Oh darn…their goes my chance to date the beautiful Country Music starlette Sarah Evans… She is now engaged.
It is that time of year again. Ever wonder why cars hit motorcycles? Try this test…see how you do…
When the time comes for the family dog to take its eternal dirt nap, you could always have the pets hair spun into yarn and make jumpers…you know so you can remain close to your beloved pet…or not.
Oh to be young, stupid and in love again… two Tennessee teenagers were caught hanging from an interstate bridge proclaiming their love with a spray paint can.
Here is an absolute waste of time…Taco Bell lets you be a virtual swimsuit model photographer. I wasted about an hour here earlier.