Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another College school shooting...

There has been another college school shooting, this time at Northern Illinois University. Let me first say this is tragic and my prayers and condolences go to the families and friend of the victims.

There is no doubt we will have to hear the outrage from the gun control crowd claiming we need more gun control. I would just like to point out Illinois is one of two states that does not have a right to carry law. In fact Illinois has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. How much more do they need.

It didn’t stop this man from carrying a weapon. Gun control is as worthless as the legislation it is written on. When a deranged person decides to go shoot some folks there isn’t a gun control law that is going to stop him. The shooter will also chose a place where it is unlikely that anyone else will have a gun to fight back.

What a better place where guns are outlawed. A “gun free zone”

We're trying to save a planet...lights out in Britain.

Some towns in Great Britain are testing a plan to turn off their streetlights between midnight and 5am because of warming.

It is estimated the measure will save $200,000 and reduce CO2 emissions by 600 tons a year. If the test is successful, all streetlights across the country could be turned off every night.

Some residents are upset and concerned that the darkness could increase crime and road traffic accidents, but that doesn’t matter to the local government. All that matters to them is reducing energy and cutting down emissions. Screw safety of people, we are trying to save a planet here!

So turn out the lights, lock your doors, get a mean dog and buy a gun…oh wait…only criminals have guns in Great Britain. Guns are banned. I wouldn’t want to have to live in Great Britain any time soon.

Release of new FairTax, the truth: answering the critics

A lot has happened since talk show host Neal Boortz and Georgia Congressman John Linder released the FairTax book in 2005. It has virtually started a tax revolution that is sweeping this land. It is now almost impossible for any Congressman or Senator to escape questions about the FairTax at town hall meetings, and the issue helped carry Mike Huckabee from a second tier candidate to a frontrunner. Although the media will have you believe it is all Christian evangelicals behind his success.

One draw back from the new book is it does not explain the FairTax in detail. So you don’t get the full story behind the FairTax and our current tax system. So, if you haven’t read the first FairTax book I suggest you do. You can order it here.

The purpose of the FairTax: the truth, answering the critics, is just that answering the critics. Just like in any kind of revolutionary idea or reform you are going to have critics, and you are going to have misinformation and now the FairTax is gaining steam there sure is a lot of misinformation or just plain lies about it.

Here are some of the confusion and misinformation that is cleared up in the book:

  • The FairTax does not increase the price of everything you buy by 30%
  • The FairTax does not put an increased burden on the poor. It literally "untaxes" them.
  • The FairTax does not destroy the middle class.
    Scientologists had nothing to do with it…(not sure where that one even came from, but the criticism exists)
  • What is the truth behind the "you get to keep your whole paycheck" concept
  • Retired Americans living on their investments and savings are not "double taxed" by the FairTax.
  • The FairTax rate will not have to be 40, 50 or 60 percent.
  • The FairTax will not "destroy" our economy, no more than nutritious food would damage a starving child.

You can order the book here: FairTax: the truth, answering the critics.

Daytona 500 Weekend Coverage

Pull those belts tight one more time boys and Boogity, Boogity, Boogity lets go racin!!! NASCAR returns to Daytona Beach, Fla. for the 50th running of The Great American Race.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is showing his move to Hendrick Motorsports may have been the right one. Jr. is following in his fathers footsteps as he has dominated Daytona Speedweek winning the Budweiser Shootout, the Gatorade 125 and finishing third in the Nationwide race yesterday. Dale Earnhardt Sr. is the winningest driver at the International Speedway.

This should be a very exciting race today. I look for a big day from Hendrick Motorsports today and the winner could be anyone of them. Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. could all finish in the top ten.

Also look out for Denny Hamlin. He should have a good race as well and never count out Michael Waltrip at Daytona.

A great story book finish would be for Dale Jarrett to win his last race here, and I would love to see it. I don't think it will happen.
This one is going to come down to the two best restrictor plate drivers out there. Smoke or Dale Jr. will battle for the win.