Sunday, February 17, 2008

We're trying to save a planet...lights out in Britain.

Some towns in Great Britain are testing a plan to turn off their streetlights between midnight and 5am because of warming.

It is estimated the measure will save $200,000 and reduce CO2 emissions by 600 tons a year. If the test is successful, all streetlights across the country could be turned off every night.

Some residents are upset and concerned that the darkness could increase crime and road traffic accidents, but that doesn’t matter to the local government. All that matters to them is reducing energy and cutting down emissions. Screw safety of people, we are trying to save a planet here!

So turn out the lights, lock your doors, get a mean dog and buy a gun…oh wait…only criminals have guns in Great Britain. Guns are banned. I wouldn’t want to have to live in Great Britain any time soon.

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