Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Mother Hillary campaigns in Texas.

New York Times' "Hit Job" on John McCain

Looks like the media infatuation with the “Maverick” has come to an end. This is what happens when you become the republican front-runner.

The front-page story of today’s New York Times contains a story about an alleged affair John McCain had with a lobbyist about eight years ago. Now this story has very little details or evidence other than reports from several unnamed former aids claiming to have kept the lobbyist Vicki Iseman, away from McCain. It is a real "hit job" by the New York Times and a despicable attack.

Leave it to the New York Times to bring up an alleged affair and scandal that happened eight years ago, has already been investigated and cleared McCain of any wrongdoing.

If you are a frequent reader here, then you know I am no fan of John McCain. However, I feel attacks like this are always unwarranted and unjustified, but if the Times is going to run such front page stories then where is the story on Huma Abedin?

If you google Huma Abedin you will find numerous stories suggesting Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin have been engaged in a long-term lesbian relationship. These stories are just as well sourced as the McCain lobbyist story. So, where is the front-page story at the Times on Huma and Hillary?

Personally I could care less about either one of these stories. Who John McCain did or didn’t have an affair with eight years ago is not going to effect the way he leads this country, the same for Hillary. How about we get back to the issues that matter.

Perhaps the Times should investigate voting records instead of life in the bedrooms of republican candidates…just a thought.

You want an economic stimulus plan that will work? Big T has one: The FairTax

President George W. Bush and Congress have been working on this grand economic stimulus plan to jump-start the economy out of its slump. They have come up with a plan to put about 600 bucks into the hands of millions Americans.

Of course not all Americans will get it…Only Americans selected on the basis of vote buying will get the money. What does that mean…well if you are rich and pay the most taxes…fouhgetaboutit. No stimulus for you! If you are middle-class and most of the poor you are in. You will be getting your check soon. Why, cause the government knows that the middle-class and the poor decide elections. Oh, and by the way if you are single and make 75,000 you are the rich… Hey, I don’t make the rules.

The government really has no desire to come up with a real economic stimulus plan. They just want a plan that looks like they are trying to do something. It puts a little walking money in the people’s pockets, and it will get them re-elected in November so they can retain their power over you.

Their economic stimulus plan is the manipulation of the tax code to gain votes. Something politicians have been doing for years. It isn’t going to work folks.

How about an economic stimulus plan that will work? I will give you some economic stimulus.

How about making the United States the number one tax haven for business in the entire world?

How about getting some of the $13 trillion (yes trillion) that has went overseas to escape our punishing tax code and set up shop in safer tax haven areas? This is money that should be in our economy!
How about freeing up the $300 to $500 billions that is spent by Americans and businesses every year to try and figure out and comply with our current tax code?

Instead of giving some households a $600 bone one time, how about we give every legal house hold a rebate check every month to offset the taxes on their basic necessities of life up to the poverty level?

How about totally removing the tax component from all capital and labor in this country?

How about letting people invest with untaxed dollars, and then not taxing the profits from those investments?

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it, but it can be achieved. The plan is called the FairTax. The FairTax will do all of this and more!

Thing is it is going to take the American people to demand the FairTax through a grass roots effort because politicians do not like the plan. They don’t like the plan because it takes power away from politicians. They would no longer be able to manipulate the tax code in order to pander to voters.

For months now we’ve heard politicians plan for more taxes on the rich, more rebates for the poor and a variety of ideas to use the tax code to influence people’s behavior. The FairTax puts an end to all that. It takes away that power. It would be the biggest transfer of power from politicians to the people since the ratification of the constitution.

We can get these politicians, kicking and screaming, to support the FairTax. We are already doing it. The FairTax is already popular and growing. Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was a second tier candidate in the Republican Primary until he made the FairTax part of his platform. Now he is a front-runner, you will not convince me otherwise the FairTax had something to do with that.

So keep the e-mails and letters flowing to Congress, continue with the FairTax inquiries at town hall meetings, and support candidates who support the FairTax with your vote in November.

We have a huge opportunity to send a message with the release of the book FairTax, The Truth: Answering the Critics. Buy one, buy two and give one to a friend. Let’s put this book on top of the New York Times bestseller list just like we did with the first FairTax book.

In doing so we send a strong message to every single vote-hunting politician in D.C. They will be forced to recognize this idea is still alive, still strong, and still something they must consider. If you can't get to a bookstore, click here for and here for Barnes &

Talk show host without ideology?

A report from San Francisco’s KGO-TV reads:

The ABC7 I-Team has the inside story of what lead up to the arrest of popular talk-radio host, Bernie Ward, on federal child pornography charges. . . .

Bernie Ward got indicted in December and got fired from his job at KGO Radio, effective at the end of last year. Now, police reports just obtained by the I-Team tell us who blew the whistle on Ward, and how he came to send the woman child porn, by his own admission.

The story goes into graphic detail about Ward’s sexually explicit online chats. I am not going to quote them here. You can click on the link and read through it if that sort of thing pulls your trigger.

I was just wondering why the media decided not to inform us about Ward’s leaning liberal political ideology out of the story.

When Rush Limbaugh found himself in controversy and trouble with the law a few years ago the media routinely reminded us he was a conservative talk show host. Many time the reference appeared more than once in a story.

Not so with Bernie Ward. In fact, if I didn’t know who Bernie Ward was; I wouldn’t be able to tell from this story that he was a liberal. They never mention it.

Could this be because most people associate talk radio with conservatives? Shouldn’t a professional reporter realize the importance to inform the reader that Ward is not a conservative talk show host?

If any conservative talk show host were arrested for any reason, I would find it shocking if the media failed to identify him as a conservative.

How about some outrage from the leaders of the wonderful. peaceful and tolerant religion of Islam!

I have said this before, and I will say it again. I will never be convinced the Islamic religion is a faith of peace and tolerance until the leaders of the religion actually condemn outrageous and violent acts committed in the name of their religion. Even then, some type of action needs to be taken, but it isn’t going to happen. They are busy spreading their ideology and being outraged by anyone who doesn’t accept their religion.

A few days ago I wrote about two young women sentenced to death by stoning in Iran for allegedly committing adultery. They have both received 99 lashes so far leading up to their execution. I still have not heard anything from the Muslim leadership condemning this.

Now we have a story, also from Iran, about a man who has stoned his own fourteen-year-old daughter to death for allegedly having a relationship with a man.The father showed no sign of remorse, telling police interrogators: “I suspected that my daughter had a relationship with a man, and I had to stone her to death as she had besmirched my honor.”

He suspected it!!! This man killed his own daughter on a suspicion. Isn’t the Muslim world fantastic?

I will continue to wait for some outrage from Muslim leaders. Perhaps the Council of Arab Islamic Relations (CAIR) would like to comment???

I won’t hold my breath though.

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Now here are some questions about health care I would like to ask Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in their next debate. You can bet they will never be asked.
Here is a nice statistic: 55% of health care costs are due to smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise? Makes you really want universal healthcare, doesn’t it. so your tax dollars can fund the health habits of the irresponsible.
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I have been asking this question for a while now. What has Barack Obama accomplished in the Senate? Texas State Sen. Kirk Watson on national TV couldn't name one legislative accomplishment ... and he is a state Senator and a big Obama supporter.
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