Thursday, February 21, 2008

Talk show host without ideology?

A report from San Francisco’s KGO-TV reads:

The ABC7 I-Team has the inside story of what lead up to the arrest of popular talk-radio host, Bernie Ward, on federal child pornography charges. . . .

Bernie Ward got indicted in December and got fired from his job at KGO Radio, effective at the end of last year. Now, police reports just obtained by the I-Team tell us who blew the whistle on Ward, and how he came to send the woman child porn, by his own admission.

The story goes into graphic detail about Ward’s sexually explicit online chats. I am not going to quote them here. You can click on the link and read through it if that sort of thing pulls your trigger.

I was just wondering why the media decided not to inform us about Ward’s leaning liberal political ideology out of the story.

When Rush Limbaugh found himself in controversy and trouble with the law a few years ago the media routinely reminded us he was a conservative talk show host. Many time the reference appeared more than once in a story.

Not so with Bernie Ward. In fact, if I didn’t know who Bernie Ward was; I wouldn’t be able to tell from this story that he was a liberal. They never mention it.

Could this be because most people associate talk radio with conservatives? Shouldn’t a professional reporter realize the importance to inform the reader that Ward is not a conservative talk show host?

If any conservative talk show host were arrested for any reason, I would find it shocking if the media failed to identify him as a conservative.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I believe his on-air moniker "The Lion of the Left" was mentioned in any number of news stories--that should've told you something about his political leanings.

But that aside, you have to keep in mind that Bernie's not a nationally know personality. In the Bay Area, however, he's inescapable. Therefore, local journalists covering the story probably assumed that readers already knew his politics.

No, actually, I have to take that back. I doubt that the question--whether or not to EXPLICITLY state Bernie Ward's political orientation--ever crossed their minds. It didn't occur to them. Why? Because Bernie Ward = liberal/progressive politics, period. The equation is as basic and familiar as E=mc2.



P.S. Your dog is adorable.