Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Happy Birthday President Lincoln

$1.4 billion-stimulus package...for Mexico???

It seems the Bush administration wants to give Mexico and Central America more than $1.4 billion of your tax money! The funding is hidden into a 2008 supplemental budget and you probably would have never known about it if it wasn’t for conservative syndicated columnist, blogger and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin.

Malkin has spent a lot of time and has done some real extensive research into what she calls the Mexican stimulus plan. Its official title is The Merida Initiative and the White House has been working on the plan for nearly a year with little congressional input.

The State Department disclosed some $550 million would pay for Mexico and Central America to get inspection scanners, helicopters, surveillance tools and case management software.

So here we have the current Mexican government that promotes illegal immigration into the U.S. They defy our laws and are basically invading our country as I type. Why are we giving them these tools and money???

Instead we should be taking that $1.4 billion and hire more border patrol agents, and give them the tools to stop the Mexican invasion, but instead the Bush administration would rather give this money and tools to Mexican politicians and law enforcement officials that are known to be corrupt and bought off by organized crime and drug dealers.

President George W. Bush…the best president Mexico has ever had!

More illegal immigration insanity....

More Illegal Immigration insanity this time from Dept. of Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security has made a major policy shift in regards to immigrants already in our country. They are planning to grant permanent residency to tens of thousands of applicants before the FBI finishes required background checks!

The immigrants that have already been finger printed and have been cleared of criminal convictions and arrests are the ones eligible. However their names still have to be cleared through FBI criminal and intelligence files. They are going to give them residency, the run their names. If the name check fails, then they will be deported…yeah, right…like we will know where to find them.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Here we are fighting a war against Islamic terrorist and we are going to grant residency to tens of thousands of people without a FBI background check? Insanity!!!

Mayor kicks Marines out of town; training would "frighten people"

Mayor kicks Marines out of town; training would “frighten people.”

The mayor of Toledo , Ohio ordered a company of Marine Corps Reservists to get out of his town as their buses arrived for a three-day training exercise in the city because their training may frighten people.

The 200 Marines, based in Grand Rapids , Mich. , had planned to participate in urban patrol exercises in downtown streets and a vacant building, according to the Blade, which reports that past exercises have included mock gun fights, ambushes and the firing of blank ammunition to simulate urban combat.

Finkbeiner said that would be alarming.

“The mayor asked them to leave because they frighten people,” Brian Schwartz, the mayor spokesman, told the newspaper. “He did not want them practicing and drilling in a highly visible area.”

Oh those scary Marines…We wouldn’t want them scaring the children…people should never be exposed to the military, they might get scared.

Thanks for your support of the troops and helping with their crucial training for the war against Islamic terrorism mayor.

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The Pentagon has finally charged six Gitmo detainees with murder and war crimes in connection with 9/11. They are going to seek the death penalty…How long do you suppose it will take the ACLU to cry foul?
Star Parker takes a close look at Hillary’s plan for universal healthcare. Everyone needs to read this one.
My wonderful friends at the ACLU now say you are entitled to a driver’s license. Show me that in the constitution. I must have missed it. Perhaps it is right next to the section that entitles you to healthcare.
Now this is the “Heart Beat of America.” A Wisconsin man’s trusty pickup truck — a 91 Chevy Silverado he calls "the old girl" — passed the 1 million-mile mark Friday. This makes me feel optimistic about my 92 Chevy Silverado. It only has 196,000 miles on it.
New York “Wiseguy” Joseph Chirico, one of 62 reputed mafia members of the Gambino crime family, busted by the feds last week, dished up political campaign money along with oysters and rigatoni from his popular Brooklyn eatery, Marco Polo Ristorante. Hey, I have eaten there…great food.
Yesterday I told you about some Muslims in Kuwait that demanded the government to ban Valentine’s Day. Well, today the government of Saudi Arabia bans all things red until after Valentine’s Day.
The Nutcracker Suite is in the news…more than likely it is not the one you’re familiar with. This is no Christmas show…May not be safe for children.