Monday, June 09, 2008

The Big T Pic of the Day

Today We Remember the 64th Anniversary of D-Day
This was the day the Greatest Generation saved France, Europe and the World!

Where has the Big T Been?

The month of May has been a busy one for me…I just moved into a new place. It is like the 10th time I have moved and it never gets easier. I am also on vacation visiting family and friends in rural Illinois for almost the whole month of June. I plan on doing some blogging while there though.

Anyways, I am pretty much settled in and I have my internet connection up and running. So let’s get to it.

D-Day 64 years Later

Friday marked the 64th Anniversary of D-Day. Unfortunately the day came and went unnoticed by most Americans and thanks to our wonderful government ran education system the younger generation of Americans do not even know what D-Day is.

Here is a refresher. June 6, 1944 more than 850,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. Thousands of US Soldiers lost their lives as the ocean water literally turned red with American blood. It wasn’t until mid-July that the Allied forces were able to break through the German lines. If you need a visual refresher put in the movie “Saving Private Ryan” into your DVD player. The beginning of the movie was D-Day.

850,000 Soldiers for one operation! We don’t have half that many in Iraq or Afghanistan combined and not at one time have we lost thousands of Soldiers in less than a month’s time in the war on terror.

Where mistakes made in the battle plans for D-Day? You bet they were. Did the battle go as planned? Not exactly…Did Republicans bash Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt the way today’s Democrats bash President George W. Bush on mistakes made? Hell no…that was unthinkable. Instead the country united to win the fight. I often wonder how different the fight we are in now would have went had democrats got behind the war effort to show our enemies a unified front.

Here is another thing that would never have been allowed to happen today without extreme controversy. On the hour of US troops landing on the beaches FDR addressed the nation and led them in prayer for our nation and its Servicemembers.

I want you to click on the link above and listen to this prayer. Then ask yourself could any president been able to do the same today? I would also like to see if you notice the American spirit that reminds us when our nation is facing evil, we find the resources, the courage, and the innovation to win and defeat our enemies and not make excuses or come up with reasons why we can not win. Then ask yourself the most important question facing our nation today. Is that American spirit from WWII still alive today?

It's back: The Big T Idiot of the Week

I can’t think of a better story than this one to bring back the idiot of the week segment on the blog.

This week’s idiot is a 64 year-old-woman from Danville, Calif. This lady wakes up one morning and decides she has had enough of these high gas prices, and she is going to do something about it.

Her solution? She grabs some fireplace logs and some matches, marches down to her local Arco and Chevron gas stations and starts a fire. And then for reasons unknown goes over to the local Starbucks and starts a blaze there also.

Does this woman actually believe gas stations have any control over the price of gas? Does she honestly think starting a fire on private property and burning up a gas station is going to help lower the price of gas?

If this woman had any sense of economics she would understand that gas prices are up because production is not meeting the high demand for gas. In other words there is a gas shortage. If you burn down a gas station and they lose all their gas then there is even more of a shortage.

And why the hell a Starbucks? What does coffee have to do with gas?

Anyways the woman is in jail and her bail is posted at $810,000. She is The Big T Idiot of the Week.

Big T's Suggested Reading and Viewing from around the web

This is a must read column from George Will. He says we are paying the gas prices we deserve because we refuse to increase our own oil production while demanding foreign countries to increase theirs. He is right folks!
An Iraqi war veteran explains why it is important for Barack Obama to go to Iraq. He basically says Obama doesn’t have a clue about the situation there. I couldn’t agree more. Excellent read.
President Bush signed the pork-packed transportation bill, which included a $45 million project to build a levitating train from Southern California to Las Vegas at 300 mph!
Here is a democrat that asks the question I have been asking for years: “Are you too dumb to vote?”
In 2008 we still have dead people voting…hmmm… I wonder if they would be voting for the Democrat Party that refuses to support a voter ID law?
Susan Estrich ponders Hillary as a third party candidate…not going to happen folks.
If you run out of gas in Atlanta the taxpayers will give you a couple gallons to get you on your way.
A lesbian couple has stirred up the pudding after tongue wrestling in the stands of a Seattle Mariners baseball game.
Did this catcher let this ball hit the umpire on purpose? Wouldn’t the pitcher have to be in on it? Why is the catcher taking all the heat? Watch the video for yourself.
Hollywood had the writer’s strike now actors are talking about striking…ugh looks like more reality TV is on the way…just what we need…