Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Big T Pic of the Day

Here is your insensitive Valentine's Day greeting from the Big T...

Is it really going to be John McCain??? My thoughts.

Well, it really looks like John McCain is going to win the republican nomination. There is no way I ever thought this could possibly happen, but I guess it is the new Republican Party.

There seems to be some negative opinions about John McCain from conservatives, probably because he is not conservative; he is a Republican In Name Only. (RINO) In fact he is the leader of all the RINOS in the party!

McCain has voted against tax cuts, co-sponsored a bill with limits to freedoms on political speech. He was one of the biggest pushers for amnesty when it came to illegal immigration and half-measures when it came to interrogating terrorist. He wants to close Guantanamo Bay and allow the reimportation of prescription drugs into the United States. He sides with the left on climate change, is against drilling for oil in the Alaska, for international criminal courts and gun-show background checks. It should be no surprise there are several icons on the right who are claiming they are neither going to support McCain’s campaign, nor are they going to vote for him.

Now since I no doubt occupy a low-key non-icon status among conservatives, I am sure you can hardly wait to here my views on the matter.

My guess is if Hillary Clinton is the democrat nominee, then these icons will begrudgingly cast there vote against her for McCain. There is no one that can unite the Republican Party better than anyone named Clinton .

I personally am going to have a real hard time voting for McCain, but can I honestly say that I absolutely will not when the time comes…don’t know yet.

If I don’t cast my vote for McCain, it will be the first time I have not voted for the republican candidate in a presidential election. Although, not the first time I seriously thought about not voting republican. Ross Perot came close to getting my vote over Bob Dole in my first vote ever casted. So, If not McCain then who, the Libertarian candidate, not vote at all?

The Libertarian Party is an option. I have voted for Libertarian candidates before in lower level elections, but I am not convinced they understand the threat of Islamic terrorism. Show me a Libertarian candidate willing to continue bringing the fight to Islamic terrorists and I’ll vote for him.

Right now I am leaning toward not voting at all. I suspect there are other republicans considering the same thing. The danger of not voting at all is the risk of conservative masses not going to the polls to vote for Senate and House seats.

Regardless of what conservatives think of McCain, we can not let him create a situation that allows democrats to control the White House, Senate and Congress!

If we are not going to support or vote for McCain, we still need to go to the polls.

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