Monday, July 14, 2008

The Big T Pic of the Day

Tony Snow

Former White House Press Secretary and FOX News Anchor Tony Snow Dies at 53.

Former White House press secretary, conservative pundit and FOX news television and radio show host Tony Snow has died after a long fight with Cancer. He was 53.

I will always remember Tony Snow as a man with a smile that always appeared to love what he was doing. God bless you Tony, rest in peace and prayers to your family.

The Big T will be back in August

The Big T has left the blog for a little remodeling of the office…sorry folks you are on your own, the Big T will not be back until around August 20.

Big T's Suggested Reading and Viewing from around the Web

President Bush is considering withdrawing some troops from Iraq in September.
Pakistan will not allow the US military to hunt Osama Bin Ladin in their country. Perhaps we should not allow any more American dollars in aide money go to Pakistan.
Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe says the Environmental Protection Agency has gotten too powerful…agreed!
Speaking of the EPA, the agency says our lives are worth 900,000 less than it was five years ago. What the hell???
Gov. Schwarzenegger is upset that the Bush administration does not believe in global warming. Uh…. I fail to see the problem.
A woman chased home intruders away firing a .357 magnum until it was empty.
We can all sleep easier tonight. The Green Party has named Cynthia McKinney as their nomination for president.