Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A pro-marijuana group in Denver is asking the government to allow marijuana-smoking lounges at airports in America. Perhaps they should try for legalization first? …By the way I wouldn’t have a problem with marijuana lounges.

The Big T Pic of the Day

It was 1980 something...a trip down memory lane.

Don Imus in Trouble Again!

Oh dear…looks like Don Imus is stirring the pudding again, and not in a good way. You can listen to the comments he made about Pacman Jones here if you haven’t heard it yet. What do you think? Should it get him taken off the air again?

I Now Remember Why I Don't Vacation

I now remember why I don’t take many vacations. No, it is not because I do not like to travel. In fact, I love to travel, see new places, experience new things and meet new people, but it is the planning and the packing that goes into it I hate. I really wish I could just skip that part. Anyways, as I continue to pack, I leave you with some reading and viewing.

Big T's Suggested Reading and Viewing from around the Web

Here is an article written by the President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, the trade association that represents America’s oil and natural gas industry, that should put to rest the assumption oil companies should simply drill on land already leased from the federal government. I think this guy knows a little something about it.
Here is a letter to the editor from a man who was no doubt educated in a government school, or perhaps he just slept through the part of economics were they explained the difference between profits and profit margins. Do they even teach that in government ran schools?
Fred Thompson has a few things to say about the Supreme Court’s decision to grant the right to habeas corpus to terrorists. Good read.
Government school children in DC may have to walk miles to school because of high gas prices.
You can now search more than 200 years of newspaper archives dating back to 1785 at times online.
This puppy born with nubs for front legs gets some new prosthesis legs made from model airplane wheels. Kewl Beans!