Friday, October 10, 2008

Fact: Obama cannot give a tax cut to 95% of working families in America.

For reasons unknown to me, the McCain campaign just doesn’t seem willing to throw any real punches at Obama. One of many areas they should be attacking Obama on is his ridiculous claim to cut taxes for 95% of Americans.

I have been over this before, but lets go over it again. The most important thing to remember when Obama starts talking about tax cuts is 47% of Americans have no tax burden. In order to give them a so-called “tax cut” the government would have to literally write them a check.

That is not a tax cut; it is income re-distribution. In order to cut taxes you have to cut them on people who actually pay them, but that would be the top 53%. This would include tax cuts for the evil rich, which doesn’t work in Obama’s rhetoric.

Then again, it wouldn’t matter if McCain pointed this out. Most Americans can’t comprehend such matters.

Enjoy your checks folks. It may be the last one you get for a while after Obama taxes your employer and your job is cut to make up the difference!

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