Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hold On to Your Wallets Middle Class!

I couldn’t help but notice Sec. of Treasury Timothy Geithner and White House advisor Larry Summers were making their rounds on the Sunday morning talk show circuit yesterday. There seemed to be a new theme coming from President Barrack Obama’s White House.

All during the campaign we heard Obama promise tax cuts for 95% of Americans, even though less than 95% of Americans pay taxes, but that is a whole different story I already covered. Anyways, now they won’t commit to uphold the tax only the rich pledge and the new theme is “We can’t rule out taxes on the middle class.”

Geithner told George Stephanopoulos deficit reduction is going to be the key to economic recovery, but when asked if the president will have to break his pledge to 95% of Americans he said this:

“We’re going to have to do what’s necessary. We have to bring these deficits down dramatically, and that is going to require some real hard choices.”

Yeah…real hard choices, not like Geinther is paying his taxes anyway.

Then we have Summers who was on CBS Face the Nation and NBC Meet the Press who admitted he cannot rule out tax increases on the middle class in order to pay for Obama’s healthcare reform plans.

“It’s never a good idea to absolutely rule things out no matter what, but what the president has been completely clear on is this:

That he is not going to pursue any of his priorities, not health care, not energy – nothing – in ways that are primarily burdening to middle-class families.”

Did you catch the key phrase that tells all? “Primarily burdening…” In plain English he is basically saying the middle-class is going to be burdened, but not burdened as much as the rich.

Hold on to your wallets middle class! They are coming for your money next.

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