Tuesday, August 04, 2009

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If there is only one thing you read today I hope it is this column by Charles Krauthammer on the evolution of Obama’s health care reform.

Here is a summary of House Republican’s healthcare bill they released the other day. It is not flawless, but I like it a lot better than the Democrat’s bill already on the table.

Patients in Great Britain can’t seem to get painkilling meds because the National Health Service has rationed them…I am sure that would never happen once we get national health care here!

Check out the type of health insurance and benefits Congress enjoys. Now ask, do you think they are going to drop this for the plan they are trying to give us?

Blue Dog Democrats have cut a deal. There will not be a vote on healthcare reform before the August recess.

Home schooling is already illegal in many other countries. Now the question: “Do parents or the State own the rights to educate your children?” Is being asked here. Will we outlaw home schooling as well? Power hungry politicians and teachers unions would like nothing less.

Charlie Rangel is pushing for a 5.4% tax hike, because it is “the moral thing to do.” He must think it is moral to raise them, but not to pay them. Since he didn’t pay his.

Amazing! Even the New York Times admits that Barack Obama’s pledge to only increase taxes on the rich is unsustainable.

John Stossel points out something I have been saying for years… Minimum wage equals minimum jobs. Of course he lays it out a lot better than I ever could. Good read.

There is some common sense left in DC! Liberal and Conservative Senators are uniting on a bill to reinstate the DC School Voucher program.

Imagine this…you are driving in a 30 mph zone, when you see drag racing teenagers traveling right toward you. They hit you head on at 81mph. Now one of the teenagers is suing you!!! How does this make sense? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

A bank teller in Seattle chases a robber down and detains him until police arrive…They should have gave him a medal, but instead he was fired.

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