Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It’s Those Damn Southerners… They’re ruining the Republican Party!

The latest polls show that more and more Americans now consider themselves conservative, so why is it the Republican Party’s popularity is not on the rise and they continue losing voters? Ohio Republican Senator George Voinovich has the answer.

According to him, it is because of all those damn Southerners in the party. That’s right, Southerners are to blame for the Republican’s problems. Voinovich told the Columbus Dispatch the party is being taken over by Southerners like South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint and Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn.

Isn’t that just like a good Republican, if you are not pointing fingers at Democrats just point them at each other. It has to be someone else’s fault. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact the Republican Party has lost its way, has no real platform to stand on and lacks any original ideas. I mean lets face it; the only thing the Republicans have to offer is they are not Democrats, while they then try to act more like Democrats!

It looks like quite the resurgence to me!

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