Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big T's News and Views From Around the Web

According to a new Rasmussen poll only 23% of Americans believe healthcare reform will lower cost. I guess all that campaigning is not working.

Politicians are trying so hard to convince us this economic stimulus plan is working that they will count a job created even if it only amounts to 35 hours worth of work.

The Government Accountability Office is expected to add the US Postal Service to its list of “high risk” government operations.

Looks like the Cash for Clunkers program is already having problems…Government ran program…gee whodathunk that?

Are you buying Barack Obama's (very expensive) plan for cleaner, more fuel efficient cars? Here's a concept…why not let the free market decide if it wants more fuel efficient cars? Oh silly me, I forgot government knows best. Almost forgot. How unpatriotic of me I am sure.

Average temperature in Chicago for July was 68.9 degrees. It was the coldest July in more than 65 years. It must have been global warming.

Here is an interesting read…This author says that Obama's proposed mileage standards may kill more Americans at a faster rate than the Iraq War. Hey, I didn’t write it…

Here is a nice piece on Flat Tax vs. FairTax. There are a few inaccuracies in the Fair Tax analysis, but the general concept is there.

President Barrack Obama doesn’t think school choice is a solution to fixing the education system in this country. Unions are against the idea too. Interestingly, Obama used school choice in deciding where to send his kids. They go to a private school by the way.

Climate change is the terrorist America should be fighting, says Muslim leader. Riiight, climate change will be wearing a suicide bomb vest onto a crowded bus any day now.

A Politician in another country is accused of giving out gifts for votes from the public assets. Wow…seriously…we have a whole two party system that does that here! One party may be guiltier than the other, but they both do it…

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